Insights from a Global Peer Learning Partnership on Stakeholder Engagement for Measuring and Managing Impact: Our Products

Video:  Stake Out a Better World with Stakeholder Engagement 

Watch this short video that elevates a key message about why stakeholder engagement is essential for creating impact.  This video is intended to build support for better practices related to stakeholder engagement.

Towards an Enabling Environment for Meaningful Stakeholder Engagement:

Levers for Government and Public Policy

Read the culminating insights for creating an enabling environment for meaningful stakeholder engagement through influencing government practices and public policy.  This white paper developed by the Peer Learning Partnership for the OECD Global Action Initiative focuses on policy levers and corresponding governmental roles and actions to ensure stakeholder engagement is meaningful to all participants.

Three interactive, complementary conditional elements that are key for meaningful stakeholder engagement are discussed: i)  awareness about the need for and benefits of stakeholder engagement; ii) capacity to generate successful participation; and iii) a conducive ecosystem through removing barriers, providing incentives and establishing conditions of success.

Building Capacity for Engaging Stakeholders to Better Understand and Manage Social Impact

Read the culminating insights focused on capacity building necessary for meaningful stakeholder engagement. This white paper developed by the Peer Learning Partnership for the OECD Global Action highlights three main areas where significant attention is needed in order to build capacity for meaningful stakeholder engagement: governance and decision making, skills, and culture. 

Peer Learning Partnership
Survey Results

View the results of our stakeholder engagement survey of 194 respondents spanning multiple countries and professional roles. The responses provide a good view on the current and desired situation with respect to meaningful stakeholder engagement in measuring and managing impact from our broad Peer Learning Partnership network, and thus in decision making and steering of projects, initiatives, services or business that affect them.