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Latest Content

Global Guide to Revenue Based Finance

Background The purpose of this guide and the related articles, is to accelerate the ability for the global community of impact investors to use alternative investment structures. This guide is designed to help entrepreneurs and investors … Read more

Due Diligence Sharing Template

This template agreement is provided to you to facilitate due diligence sharing in impact investment. ImpactTerms has observed that the investment ticket sizes tend to be smaller in impact investing, compared to traditional investments, resulting … Read more

Equitable Ventures

by Eva Helene Yazhari and Mathilde Beniflah There are more venture capital funds today than ever before, including an encouraging amount that have a focus on social or environmental impact. However, impact investors should be … Read more

Revenue Based Finance

Revenue Based Finance are a category of contingent payment investment structures where the payment to the investor is contingent on the amount and timing of the issuers financial performance, typically measured by cash basis revenues. … Read more

Video: Alternative Term Sheets

Social Venture Circle hosted this interactive webinar on Alternative Term Sheets featuring Drew Tulchin (Upspring Associates), Lauren Grattan (Mission Driven Finance), and John Berger (Toniic). This session explores term sheets and alternative term sheets to … Read more

Stakeholders vs. Shareholders

The terms shareholder and stakeholder can oftentimes be confused or improperly used interchangeably. Every business has shareholders and stakeholders, both of which are essential to the success of a business, but their relationships to the … Read more

Catalytic Capital

In essence, catalytic capital is investment capital (debt, equity, guarantees, etc) with which the investor accepts reduced financial expectations in order to bring about a greater social or environmental impact.  Lowered financial expectations refers to … Read more

Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is typically understood to be a for-profit business or a business within a non-profit organization that has a specific social or environmental mission included in the business plan. U.S.-based Social Enterprise Alliancel … Read more

Stock Transfer Restrictions

Investors and founders may agree to restrictions preventing the transfer of shares to buyers deemed not to be aligned with the company’s mission. This provision goes beyond the traditional right of first refusal applicable to … Read more

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