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We welcome your contributions to both for new and existing subject areas. Articles on this site can be built on by multiple authors so please let us know if you want to provide new content, or would like to add to or update existing content. Please review our style guide for guidance on recommended voice and structure.

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Target Content Areas

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The following list reflects content areas we are working to expand and are seeking contributors. We are happy to explore other content areas that help facilitate impact transactions or share innovations and best practices so please contact us with ideas not listed below

  • Traditional Investment Structures Common Equity
    • Debt
    • Working Capital
  • Alternative Investment Structures
    • Alternative Working Capital Structures
    • Alternative Exit Structures beyond the United States
    • Guarantees as part of Investment Structures
    • Variable Payment Obligations
    • Revenue Based Financing
    • Royalty Based Financing
    • Convertible notes and SAFE for impact investing
    • Suggest a topic
  • Collective Investment Vehicles
    • Social impact incentives for funds (Contracts with Benefits)
    • Impact incentives for general partners (e.g. carried interest)
    • Holding companies (evergreen fund structures)
    • Suggest a topic
  • Free Standing Subjects
    • Pay For Success
    • Suggest a topic
  • Governance
    • Steward Ownership Structures
  • Impact Measurement
    • Social Impact Incentives
    • Industry certifications (B-Lab, Fair Trade, Rainforest Aliance, etc.)
    • Impact Metric Frameworks
  • Blended Finance Investment Structures
    • Recoverable Grant Agreement