The platform for people who invest their time and money for positive impact on our planet and its people as well as financial returns.

When Bruce Campbell and Diana Propper De Callejon launched ITP in 2015 they had the idea that ITP would facilitate increased social and environmental impact through increased deal flow. ITP would provide accessible and actionable content on emerging impact investing trends and innovations.
They visioned impact investing becoming more mainstream when impact entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers could have a place to share term sheets, case studies; to converse about innovative structures (ownership and investment structures), terms (investment, impact measurement and exits) and impact outcomes; as well as connect as providers and consumers of impact services.

In 2018, Toniic Institute assumed leadership of ITP with a mandate to power it into a free and publicly accessible resource that lowers barriers to entry into impact investing while empowering impact entrepreneurs.
With the support of our funders, we are happy that we have initiated a rebuild of the ITP site to ensure that it can host an easily navigable library of best practice terms, innovations and case studies, be a platform for robust conversation as well as a marketplace for connecting with impact practitioners.

We are happy you are here, we hope ITP inspires you to amplify your impact!